On Friday 16th March, Lynne and Nigel Hacking kindly came to give a talk in Downton Memorial Hall about their recent travels in South America.
We were all mesmerised by the professional standard of the photographs, and Nigel’s great knowledge of birdlife was much appreciated. He was both erudite and fascinating, making him one of the best speakers we have had, and we were mentally booking our next holiday to Ecuador…followed by the Galapagos. The well-known and wonderful wildlife of the Galapagos was so well documented by the photos and the Blue-Footed Boobies were undoubtedly the star performers.
However, the impact of the film at the end was undeniable. This showed Nigel swimming and diving along side an enormous whale shark in the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean. It was magical and definitely our Blue Planet moment. David Attenborough could have someone to step into his shoes.
The evening was a great success; the Friends of the Moot had decorated the Memorial Hall with endless metres of bunting, as well as laying tables with platters of cheese, biscuits, bread and grapes. Over £1300 was raised in total after expenses. All monies go directly to the maintenance of the Moot.
Anyone who would like to do a talk about their travels and do so in aid of the Moot should contact Pennie Dunlop at The Friends of Downton Moot (pennie.dunlop@btinternet.com).

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