Downton Moot Preservation Trust

The Moot is owned by The Downton Moot Preservation Trust Ltd, a company limited by guarantee.  It is a charity that was formed by local residents in 1987 to acquire and manage the Moot.  All trustees live in Downton and are actively involved in the Trust’s work.  The Trust is supported by the Friends of the Moot through various fund-raising activities throughout the year – see the Events and Past Events for further detail.  Please come and join us for future events and activities.

For full details of the charity on the Charity Commission website click here. A fascinating summary of the history of the Moot, regular events and trust activities is also summarised in a recent article published for the Friends of Salisbury Hospital.  For enquiries please contact the Trust at

There are a number of ways of supporting the charity which are detailed on our How to Help page.

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Neville Jennings Retirement

Newsletter March 2017