The Moot has been selected for Co-op Local Community Fund Support for 12 months from 25th  October 2020.  This is a great opportunity for our friends and supporters to raise funds for The Moot whilst shopping at our local Co-op stores. Every time Co-op members buy selected Co-op branded products and services, the Co-op will give The Moot a helping hand.  All you need do is select The Moot as your local cause and the Co-op will do the rest.

As our regular visitors will know, the Moot provides open community space which is freely available throughout the year. We have been noticeably busier throughout the coronavirus pandemic, providing a sanctuary, space for play/exercise or for our visitors to meet safely within the guidelines on social distancing.  However we must ensure it is safe for all, hence the recent works to improve our path network, manage the trees and attend to risk areas within the Moot – the bridge across the inner ditch is  currently a priority with the trustees keen to move on from the temporary fencing.  Whilst the majority of the maintenance is carried out by our stalwart volunteers, there are substantial fixed costs for machinery, tree surgeons and insurance.  This amounts to around £10 000 each year which is usually met through fund raising events hosted by The Friends and a range of generous donors.  Coronavirus has stopped much of the Friends activities and thus we are currently running at a loss.  Your support through the Co-op Community Fund can help to address this simply by nominating the Moot as your chosen local cause.  Please update your cause now through your Co-op membership account; if you are not a member but use the Co-op please consider becoming a member.  Thank you for reading this and supporting the Moot

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