What started as an Armchair Travel Evening with a group of enthusiastic Moot supporters sitting comfortably in someone’s home in Downton listening to a friend or local who had done something slightly more adventurous than themselves has grown into a full-blown event…

On Friday 11th March, just under 100 people gathered in the Downton Memorial Hall to sup on Caroline Bromilow and Jules Osmond’s delicious Middle Eastern dinner, and then listen to a local chap, Matthew Eyre from Damerham, talk about his impressions of the West Bank in Palestine, as he cycled with a group fundraising for the charity MAP (Medical Aid for Palestinians – www.map-uk.org).
Understandably, the subject could not avoid a political edge but many people found the historical content fascinating. His talk started with a film he had made as he cycled along with a go-pro on his helmet and his i-Phone in his hand. He was assisted ably by the Moot’s Director of all-things Sound Tech, Jeremy Parsons. There was also a table of Palestinian Olive Oil and information about MAP, the charity.

Should anyone have an idea or a friend who might have something interesting to share in the form of a Travel Evening, the Friends of the Moot Committee welcome proposals for future Travel Evenings.
Over £1200 was raised, and the evening was the talk of the village for a few days!A

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